“Ossian, the protagonist of a story that is written from the earth for history”

historia de ossian

Prephylloxera vineyard


Pedro Ruiz


Only the passage of time, the meticulous knowledge of each vine, immersion in the soils, study of the specific climate and environment, meticulous work in the field and in the winery… gave us clues to glimpse the reach of a project that reflects the authenticity of a unique landscape. Knowledge that we did not have in 2013 when the Ruiz Aragoneses family began their adventure in Ossian, we were not really aware of the unique value of this land: special, unique, genuine.


We feel, however, that we have barely taken the first steps on a learning path aimed at giving even greater value to the richness of an exceptional heritage. A heritage in the form of vineyards that, like sculptures, stand firm and hieratic in a terrain predestined to endure. We understand this gift of nature and that is why giving the best of ourselves is the only way to pay a sincere and honest tribute to this land.