Ossian 2021

Ossian 2021 is the representation of a small universe of plots of Verdejo that guard centuries of viticultural tradition in the surroundings of the Voltoya terraces. Vines up to 200 years old that bear witness to the uniqueness of its varietal richness and an almost extinct reality. Ossian is a historical legacy. The 2021 vintage maintains the elegance and freshness of a unique prephylloxera Verdejo. A landscape that has preserved the historical reality of Segovian Verdejo for hundreds of years. Genetic diversity hidden in each vineyard. Surprising delicacy. Length in a rested finish with which the character of the authentic verdejo reappears

Ossian 2021


Genuine Verdejo from Segovia

A complex climatic year

The autumn of 2020 was marked by mild temperatures and average precipitation. January and February were very cold: the weather episode ‘Philomena’ was accompanied by sub-zero temperatures for several weeks. The first weeping of the vines occurred at the beginning of April and budbreak occurred in the
middle of the month. May and June were characterized by normal temperatures for the season and above-average rainfall. Work in the vineyard ensured that the vines were healthy at all times. Flowering took place at the end of June. The summer was dry and the temperatures were mild, close to 20ºC on average, which
allowed the vines to develop and ripen slowly and continuously, achieving ideal acidity in the grapes at the time of harvest. The harvest began on September 9 and lasted until October 5.

Small vineyards on the Voltoya terraces

For the production of Ossian, grapes from a selection of plots spread around the Voltoya terraces are used: Nieva, Aldeanueva del Codonal, Aldehuela del Codonal, Ochando, Melque de Cercos, Nava de la Asunción, Moraleja de Coca and Santiuste de San Juan Bautista. The soils mark the radical difference of this environment:
the sands and boulders prevented the arrival of phylloxera. A harsh climate, with freezing winters and hot summers, characterize the development of the authentic verdejo. The vines planted centuries ago have a unique genetic diversity. This biological richness brings a greater complexity to the interpretation of each plot.

Vinification by plots

Ossian is the result of assembling the individual vinification of each small plot. A viticulture that respects the character of vines up to 200 years old. The grapes are harvested in small crates and after a light pressing, the must is transferred to vats and wooden barrels between 228 and 600 liters. The indigenous yeasts and
spontaneous fermentation reflect the purity and complexity of these grapes over the following weeks. Ossian 2021 was assembled and bottled in the summer of 2022 after approximately nine months of aging on its lees. Contains sulfites.