Capitel 2020

Capitel 2020 expresses the most unique representation of the old vines of Segovian Verdejo. Peña Aguada plot in Nieva is characterised by a unique slate vein soil and vines up to 200 years old. The roots penétrate between the slate sheets and extract their essence from them. This pre-phylloxera soil and vineyard bring complexity and extraordinary concentration to a wine of exceptional nuances and inimitable Depth. A wine that transcends time, with an extraordinary concentration. Is is a living history of the Segovian Verdejo.

Capitel 2020

A singular plot

A year with extreme climate conditions

The autumno f 2919 was marked by mild temperaturas and somewhat higher tan usual precipitation. January and February were unusually warm. Which led to an earlier start to spring. The first weeping of the vines took place in mid-March, but byd break todo place a month later due to the particularly cold weather with snow falling on 31 March. May was a month of mild temperaturas and abundant rainfall that facilitated adequate vegetative development with flowering ocurring in the first weej of june. The summer was warm and dry, allowing the vines to be in excellent health and veraison to begin at the ende of August. The harvest began on 8 September and lasted until 30 September.

A sean of slate in Nieva

The Capitel vineyard, the Peña Aguada plot, with 1.10 hectares, sits on a sean of slate with a charecteristic dark colour to the south of the village of Nieva. Its geological origin is much earlier tan the Sandy souls that are predominant in the área: it dates back to the Paleozoic Era, more tan 500 million years ago. Some of the vines at Peña Aguda are closet o 200 years old, which is real heritage, historical and viticultural. The yield of these vines is low, and each small cluster maintains and expectional concentration. The viticulture practised here is of the utmost respect, aimed at preserving a legacy ini the formo f the vineyard and maintaining the purity of this unique Verdejo grape.

Whole clusters and ageing on lees

The grapes are harvest dy hand in 12 kg crates under strict quality control and selection. The bunches are pressed whole, without destemming, in a vertical hand press, and the grapes are crushed. The must germented with its own indigenous yeasts in 228-litre Burguundian- style barrels. Subsequently, the wine remained, with periodic strirrings, in French oak barrels without racking, where its was aged for then mounths on its lees. Capitel 2020 was botteld in the summer of 2021.