Capitel 2018

Capitel 2018 is the purest and most unique expression of Segovian Verdejo. From our oldest and most extraordinary plot of just two hectares, Peña Aguda in Nieva, these vines average around 200 years old. Their roots have penetrated the slate layer underneath the soil, which is what provides such powerful minerality. This pre-Phylloxera vineyard offers complexity and concentration to this incredibly deep and nuanced wine. A wine that transcends time. Living history of the Segovian Verdejo.

Capitel 2018

A singular plot

A unique vintage

After extreme climactic conditions in 2017, 2018 favoured a quick recovery of our vineyard. The beginning of the year was marked by the cold and two significant snowfalls in January. Rain was abundant throughout the cycle, even before the start of spring. In May, possible frost advisories alerted the viticulture team to deploy paraffin candles across several plots. Fortunately, temperatures did not drop excessively allowing the vineyards to remain unaffected. July and August were hot and dry, providing excellent ripening conditions in the vineyard. The harvest began on the 20th of September and was carried out in warm, dry conditions until its completion on the 10th of October.

Wine heritage

The Peña Aguda plot, birthplace of Capitel, is located in the south of the Nieva village. This tiny area of land sits on a unique slate vein that dates back to the Palaeozoic era over 500 million years ago. Home to some of the oldest vines, this slate layer existed long before the sandy soil prevalent in this region now. Some of these vines are more than 200 years old, standing firm like sculptures, to become some of the longest-lived vines in production in Spain. Yields are incredibly low, which allows for exceptional flavor concentration in the fruit. Viticulture techniques are designed to give the utmost respect to the land: to preserve its legacy through these vines and to maintain the purity of the Verdejo grape, which is able to reach its peak potential here.

The purest Verdejo expression

Whole bunches were pressed without prior destemming. The must was fermented using its own native yeast in 228-liter Burgundy-style barrels where it remained ageing on the lees for 10 months with regular stirring. Capitel 2018 was bottled in September 2019.