Capitel 2015

Capitel 2015 is made from the oldest and most unique Verdejo vines located in the small plot of Peña Aguda, in Nieva. The roots penetrate between the layers of slate and extract an extraordinary mineral force from them. This pre-phylloxera vineyard brings complexity, concentration and depth. A wine full of nuances, those provided by the baggage of 200-year-old vines. The expression of Segovian Verdejo at its best. A wine made to transcend in time. Extraordinary concentration. A living history of Segovian Verdejo.

Capitel 2015

Capitel 2015

A singular plot

Climatic year

The 2015 growth cycle was pretty unusual with unseasonably warm temperatures in winter, very few frosts and scarce rainfall. This resulted in the first vegetative bleeding by the end of March. Rising temperatures and increased rainfall in April led to bud-break. Some frosts in the second fortnight of May affected the different parcels in different ways which resulted in low-yield but higher quality vintage. The scarce rainfall over the last months acoupled with the high temperatures throughout the whole growth cycle confirmed the low yield. Harvest took place between September 18 and October 9 as scheduled. Outstanding raw material quality and excellent sanitary conditions.

Grape Variety

Verdejo varietal, pre-phyl loxera 100 year old vines, ungrafted root -stock. The grapes come from a sandy and slaty plot cal led “Cordel de las Merinas” located in Segovia. Certified Organic Farming (without synthetic ferti l izers, herbicides or pesticides of any kind).

Winemaking Process

The grapes are handpicked and carried to the winery in 15 kg crates. Once at the winery the grapes are thoroughly sorted on the conveyor belt. The grapes are whole-cluster pressed, non-destemmed in the traditional Burgundy style by means of a manual vertical press. Indigenous yeast fermentation. Once the alcohol ic fermentation is over, the wine ages ont its lees for 10 months in French oak barrels (50% new – 50% one wine) without racking. Partial malolactic fermentation in barrel. The wine was clarified in August and bottled one month later, September 2016.